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.Mi-6A '01'
Page précédente (p)Page précédente (p) In the 1970s, Mi-6s began to be modified to carry out parachute landings. Cables for the parachute static lines were installed in the cargo compartment. Since all the entrance doors of the helicopter opened outwards, it was impossible to open them or keep them open when in the air. Prior to dropping paratroopers, the rear doors were removed and a folding tubular structure was blocking the opening so that no one would accidently fall out (see the picture > HERE). When flights were completed, the doors had to be put back on in order to close the cabin. The rear side doors were later modified to open inwards, making it possible to do this in flight. They were manufactured without blisters. Bort number 01 illustrated here had that model of doors (see also the next picture).
Note also the yellow piping under these rear side doors (see also the next picture). This helicopter was a former modified Mi-6TZ-SV (see main text).
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