MiG-27 reequipment
  From To When Units Remarks
559.APIB Su-7BM MiG-27 1975    
  MiG-27 MiG-27K 1980-82 1.AE  
  MiG-27 MiG-27D 1985-86 2./3.AE  
  MiG-27D MiG-27K 1987-88 2./3.AE Some MiG-27K from 19 and 88.APIB
19.GvAPIB Su-7B/BM MiG-27 1977-78    
  MiG-27 MiG-27K 1980 1.AE  
  MIG-27 MiG-27D 1984-86 2./3.AE  
  MiG-27K MiG-27D 1988 1.AE MiG-27K to 559.APIB
296.APIB MiG-21SMT MiG-27 1982 1.AE 296.IAP to 296.APIB in 1982
  MiG-27/MiG-21SMT MiG-27M 1983 1./2.AE  
  MiG-21SMT MiG-27 1983 3.AE Aircraft from 1.AE
  MiG-27 MiG-27D 1985-86 3.AE  
911.APIB   MiG-27K 1989   Moved from Lida to the GDR
From Sergey Turbakov, 559.APIB.
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